Bay Area Courier Service  &  Logistics


At Streamline Express we only work with the most professional and energetic drivers to offer the best courier service in the Bay Area 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

If you seek to move forward with a culture that focuses on teamwork with a strong emphasis on customer service then Streamline would love to have you aboard. 

We deal with all types Time Critical Delivery challenges for local & National companies 7 days a week. Our high profile delivery service is only as good as the drivers who handle these situations with confidence and the willingness to exceed our client’s expectations. In our world every minute counts, no joke.

If our profile fits what you’re looking for, then download the application and fill out the contact form below. We’ll contact you if your skill set matches with our current needs.

Knowledge of Bay Area freeways and Airports is required. Our Shipments include Bio-pharma, blood, organ transplants, legal documents, high-tech equipment and live animals.  

Must have:
  • Well maintained car, truck, or van
  • Minimum 100k/300k liability insurance
  • Current vehicle registration
  • Clean DMV record
  • Cell phone
  • GPS and/or Maps
  • Good communication & customer service skills
  • Team player and able stay cool under pressure
  • Committed to Excellence

A Plus would be:

  • Business License / D B A (Doing-Business-As) Certificate
  • Tax Identification Number
  • CA # Motor Permit
  • TSA Certification (Transportation Security Administration)
  • Passport for On Board Courier (OBC) / Hand carry
  • Overall general knowledge of the Courier business and Airports

Always hiring drivers in San Francisco, Peninsula & the East Bay, we're growing!

To apply, download the application and fill out the contact form below.

Please bring the application and m
ake copies of the following and bring with you to the interview day:
  • A copy of your California Drivers License
  • A copy of a 2nd Form of ID, such as social security card, military ID, Passport
  • A copy of your Car Registration
  • A copy of your car insurance Declaration statement showing coverage limits (different than the proof of insurance in your car)
  • If you are not a natural born citizen, A copy of your proof of citizenship or alien registration card (for TSA)

Application Information
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